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Holistic Healing for the Body, Mind & Spirit


Shaman Class The First Class is October 21, 2023
This class is a two year program and will meet once a quarter for two years. Classes will be on Saturdays from 10-5, in October, January, April and July of each year. You will have homework in between the classes that you will need to complete. This will be an in-depth study of shamanism, you will learn to journey, by the beat of the drum, experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness, awakening dormant spiritual abilities, including connections with Nature. From ancient times, shamans have worked with the spirits of nature for healing, survival and knowledge. By learning from the plants and animals, rock and mountains, from the winds and waters, from the sun, Annu; the moon, Luna and the Stars, shamans have helped people live in harmony with the universe. You will discover your totem animals and how to work with them, the elements and the directions.

I love working with the trees, crystals, plants, water and Gaia herself; you will be amazed at the messages you receive from them; they truly carry the knowledge from the beginning of time. You will also be working with me on healing yourself and your ancestors in the first year; during the second year you will learn how to heal others. The healing and messages you receive from the journeying is truly life changing. The compassion that will fill your heart for all living beings is amazing as you connect with all and realize we are all truly one being. Shamanism is part of a holistic approach to healing and it can provide a spiritual component that is often lacking in our treatment of the body and illness, you will learn some amazing healing tools. You will learn how to bless of the waters of Gaia, how to clear the land of toxic chemicals and how to communicate will all living things.

I am looking forward to going on this journey with you, over the last two years, I have had many people ask me to teach them the ancient ways of caring for Earth and so, if you would like to know more about this class, please send me a pm. This class is a pass/fail and you will be expected to attend the classes, but you will be able to miss two classes, to receive your Shaman certificate. However, if an emergency arises, we will work something out, with extra credit, etc.

The cost of this 2 year program is $1200; a non-refundable payment of $200 down is required for the class, with 20 months of monthly payments of $50 or $150 per class. The payments need to be current to attend the classes.

NAMASTE MOMENTS List of Classes. Test or pm me to register, classes fill quickly!

Holistic Healing for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Holy Fire ® III Usui Reiki I           10 ~ 5           CE Credits for Massage

Class will be offered:        January 14, 2023 or October 14, 2023    $ 250
This class is for someone who has not has any Reiki classes; Reiki is an extremely relaxing experience used to support your entire well-being ~ body, mind, emotions & spirit. Learn the history of Reiki & how to use this amazing energy in your everyday life. Chakras and how they function, as well as the layers that make up the aura will be covered. You’ll learn the hand positions for self Reiki, as well as the positions for others, and you’ll practice using Reiki on your classmates, all while getting guidance and support from me. Text provided Reiki The Healing Touch by William Rand, First & Second Degree Manual.

Holy Fire ® III Usui Reiki II     10 ~ 5                 CE Credits for Massage

Class will be offered:     January 15, 2023  or October 15, 2023      $300

You need to take Reiki I before this class.
In this amazing class the ability to channel Reiki will be clicked up a notch, you’ll learn 2 sacred symbols that will increase the power of your hands on treatments. Practice time & experience includes meditation, drawing the symbols & the Japanese Reiki Techniques. You will be taught how to use each of these symbols, how to transcend time & space to send a distance healing for yourself or others. Text provided Reiki The Healing Touch by William Rand, First & Second Degree Manual. You’ll also be instructed on how to unblock the chakras, if you are looking for something to help with spiritual growth, this class is the one for you.

Holy Fire ® III Usui Reiki Master Class          CE Credits for Massage

Class is a 3 day class and will be offered:

March 24-25-26, 2023 

Friday 6:30 ~ 9:00; Saturday 10 ~ 5; Sunday 10 ~ 4             $450
You need to be Reiki II for one year before taking this class; if have not taken Reiki II from me, you will need to send me a copy of your Reiki II certificate to attend this class.

This class focuses on health & healing on the Spiritual Soul Level & the teaching of Reiki. You will learn the Master symbol & the Holy Fire symbol and what it means to be a Reiki Master.
The Reiki Teacher/Master training combines both Advanced Reiki Training & the complete Holy Fire Master Training into one class: which encompasses 3 days of classes. This is a new form of Reiki; it is both powerful & gentle. It provides purification, healing, empowerment & guidance. you will be instructed on how to use the new symbols and how to teach your own classes. Text
provided Usui/ Holy Fire ® II Reiki Master Manual by William Rand.

Holy Fire ® III Karuna Master Class          CE Credits for Massage

Class is a 3 day class and will be offered:   December 2-3-4, 2022 or March 3-4-5, 2023 or November 3-4-5, 2023
Friday 6:30 ~ 9:00; Saturday 10 ~ 5; Sunday 10 ~ 4                        $650
You need to be a Usui Reiki Master for 3 months before taking this class: If you have not take the Usui Reiki Master class from me, you will need to send me a copy of your Reiki Master certificate before I can register you for this class. The certificates from this class come from William Rand and you will be registered on his site after you have completed this course.
The Holy Fire Karuna energy provides purification, healing, empowerment & guidance, Karuna is the motivating quality of all enlightened beings who are working to end suffering on Earth. Karuna Reiki opens you to work more closely with all enlightened beings. This includes those enlightened ones who are physically present as well as those in spirit. This class will give you 9 new symbols; 8 Karuna and the Holy Fire symbol. You will be given instruction on how to teach including going over the class outline as well as how to develop & promote your Reiki Business. Text provided Holy Fire ® II Karuna Reiki Master Manual by William Rand.

Book Class currently suspended


Are you looking to meet like-minded people? People who are on the same path as you are? To discuss metaphysical, magical topics and read enlightening books?? This class is for spiritual newbies as well as those who have been on this path for some time. I have met so many people thru my practice who are searching for their tribe. I have selected the first 5 books we will read, in between each book, we will have classes on other subjects like Crystals; their properties & how to make elixirs, Angels and other magical topics! Would you like to make your own smudge stick and learn how to use it?
The classes will be held once a month, on the first Thursday night of each month, from 7-9, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got an hour drive ahead of you, you will make it in plenty of time. I drove an hour and 15 minutes for 3 years to attend a book club in the Grand Forks area and it was worth every minute of the drive to hang out with like-minded people! The classes will be held in the Grand Forks area (location will depend how many people register for the class) and will be from 7-9pm. The first class will be September 6th, cost of the class is $20/per month. I look forward to hearing from you! Please pm me on Facebook, either on my personal page; Brenda Ault or on my business page: Namaste Moments to register! This class is held in Grand Forks, ND

Workshops Offered:  Must have a group of 5 or more to schedule

one of these classes

Create a Vision Board                                                                        1 ~ 5                $35

Vision Board’s have been proven to be very effective in drawing what you want into your life. You will take a journey to discover what you want and desire. Clarify what you want, prioritize your ideas and then create your masterpiece!  Grab your scissors, old magazines; don’t forget to print off some of your favorite Facebook posts.  I’ll provide the journey, guidance, glue and poster board.

Spirit Doll Class                   1 ~ 5                $35

This class will focus on Healing Your Inner Child: We will take a journey back into time, back to a time that is affecting you now; when you were a child and you were hurt, confused or bullied.  You will realize you are so MUCH MORE than that Hurt or Confused Child. We will define who you are now; You Are a Strong Powerful Woman (or whatever that may be for you.) You’ll choose a Theme, Gather Your Supplies that I will provide and then consider the qualities that you want to bring into your life, as you build your doll, meditate on who you are now, setting an intention for your doll; self-love, healing, deepening your intuition, etc. This doll will hold that energy for you.  As you make her, you will be meditating on your intention and listening for guidance.