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Essential Oils are lifesavers; I personally prefer Young Living Oils, because of the way they grow, harvest and process their own oils, so the seed to seal process is a way to deliver potent and pure essential oils.  If you would be interested in signing up for their program, you can go to their website and become a member.  You can use me as the person who referred you or use my member number 1402831.  I truly believe in the product, have used the products for years and it has made an immense difference in the way I feel.

These are some of the oils I use, what I use them for and what works for me; Valor will help you and your child release any emotions or attachments during the day that are not yours.  I just put a little on my wrist pulse points. Lavender and Stress Away are my favorite oils for anxiety; Peace & Calming is my all time favorite for calming myself.  Orange & Tangerine are what I use to help me release sadness. I also use Lavender for bug bites to take the swelling down and reduce itching.  Lavender is also great to reduce allergy symptoms.  Oregano is a natural antibacterial and is great if you’ve got a small infection or sore throat.  Palo Santo is an immune stimulant and sedative; I like to diffuse it while giving Reiki sessions to clients to help them relax.  I use Orange, Grapefruit, Lime & Lemon in my water to change it up.  Citronella oil is great to diffuse to keep bugs away.

They have an amazing children’s line and a line for pets. I have used them on my grandchildren and my dog, Rylee, with wonderful results.

I use the Thieves oil on my feet when I feel a cold or the flu coming on.  I use the Thieves cleaner to clean counters, floors and my bathrooms, for chemical free cleaning. I use the Thieves laundry soap and Thieves dish soap as well.  I have wool dryer balls instead of a fabric softener; and I put 5 drops of oil on each dryer ball.  I enjoy  scenting my laundry with Lemon, Lime, Orange or Lavender.  They have a few fluoride free toothpastes to pick from and I have used their toothpaste for a couple years now. In this way, not only am I keeping chemicals out of my house, I am also assisting Gaia, and her waters; which makes this Earthangel’s heart sing.

I use my Diffuser in my living room and diffuse Stress Away if it’s been a difficult day, Lavender if the grandbabies are over to help them sleep.  I love to use Christmas Spirit in the diffuser over the holidays and it smells heavenly. The roller scents of Breathe Again have helped me get rid of my nose inhaler for stuffiness, Deep Relief offers relief after workouts and Stress Away is great to have in my purse, so I can use it as needed during the day. I use Peppermint oil for indigestion, heartburn and also as a breath freshener, I just put a drop on my tongue.  Wintergreen and Spearmint offer a different flavor for a breath freshener as well. The uses of essential oils is really endless, I have not had a symptom or illness that a Young Living product has not helped me with; they offer a start up kit with many oils, as well as a Diffuser for a great price and you can use them knowing they are a great product and a high quality oil. They also offer several ways for you to earn your own oils for free, so check them out.  This has been my own and my family’s experience with using Young Living Oils, please use your own judgment.

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